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Updated: May 25, 2023

Yes, we need to be delivered and the only one who can do this is JESUS! You may have heard this word before and thought but I don't know how or what it actually means.

Lets break it down together....

Definition: The act of delivering someone or something

Noun: The action of being rescued or set free

Hebrew: Natsal (deliver) - its meaning is "To draw out"

Hatzalah/Tesshuah/Yeshua - Salvation / Rescue / Relief

Biblical: Cast out

Spiritual: To cast out evil spirits

When we think about deliverance we may think of exorcisms or pain but deliverance is one of the most powerful and amazing things you can go through as a follower of Christ. I myself have been delivered by Christ and set free. It is as though there is a heaviness and something lifts from you that the weight just goes and you feel so much lighter..

So what is the difference between Deliverance and Freedom?

When we are delivered we are released from the oppressor, this means that we release all things that are not from God. Freedom is when we walk in the deliverance meaning we are no longer in a state of oppression and we have no ties to it.

I was shown a demonstration a few years ago about stumbling blocks and attachments in the spirit that are not from God and it made so much sense hopefully it will for you too.

Think of it this way.... every item we attach to in the spirit has a label and that label has a hook attached to it. Now each time we take on or accept that label the hook is then attached to us, we may not know its there or be able to see it but we can feel it. In order to get that hook out we need to release it from us and be able to be set free and cut all ties with it.

It is important to state that deliverance is an important thing and we do not need someone else to deliver us, Christ can deliver us from everything for he took the ultimate price.


How do we do deliverance?

As Jesus' disciples we are called to do the same as Jesus did, this includes casting out demons and helping other believers be delivered. Some believers maybe more advanced than others, meaning they have more experience or understanding about it all but always be aware of the false prophets. Deliverance is about humbling ourselves before God and repenting of the sins of ourselves and our ancestors. We then can pray for each other (2 or more people together) for someone and ask God to show us how to cut ties with the attachments they are repenting of. Deliverance is then casting out the demonic spirit attached to that person which will only be released if the person is a believer in Jesus Christ and if they have repented.

In the New Testament there are may examples of how Jesus casts out demons and why the disciples could not. Jesus tells us in one particular part that this demon can only be cast out by prayer.

Mark 9:28-29

28 After Yeshua had gone indoors, his talmidim asked him privately, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” 29 He said to them “This is the kind of spirit that can be driven out only by prayer.”

Another we see in Acts that it is only by Yeshua, so in order to do deliverance you must be in Christ.

Acts 19:13-20

13 "Then some of the Jewish exorcists who traveled from place to place tried to make use of the name of the Lord Yeshua in connection with people who had evil spirits. They would say, “I exorcise you by the Yeshua that Sha’ul is proclaiming!” 14 One time, seven sons of a Jewish cohen gadol named Skeva were doing this; 15 and the evil spirit answered them. It said, “Yeshua I know. And Sha’ul I recognize. But you? Who are you?” 16 Then the man with the evil spirit fell upon them, overpowered them and gave them such a beating that they ran from the house, naked and bleeding.17 When all this became known to the residents of Ephesus, fear fell on all of them, Jews and Greeks alike; and the name of the Lord Yeshua came to be held in high regard. 18 Many of those who had earlier made professions of faith now came and admitted publicly their evil deeds; 19 and a considerable number of those who had engaged in occult practices threw their scrolls in a pile and burned them in public. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, it came to fifty thousand drachmas. 20 Thus the message about the Lord continued in a powerful way to grow in influence."


I have had the privilage of helping others in the Body of Christ to walk in freedom and be truly delivered by God, it is such an honour and blessing to see others commit their lives to Christ and to be able to walk in freedom and deliverance. You can see the changes in their face, their actions, their heart, their thoughts and their attitudes. God is so so good!


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