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Divine Truth - The Book of Job

Job 1:6-12

So God got me thinking, we see a discussion between God, the angels and satan but I had so many questions at this time:

  • How do we know what they were speaking?

  • Where did it originate from?

  • If Moses wrote this book how did we know? Who told Moses? Was it God? Was it the angels?

  • Where does the text originate from?

As you can probably tell from the questions I like to analyze and really delve into the root of where things come from.

The only way to find out is to study further into the scripture itself, I had never had questions like this before and I know Job is such a significant book. It explains about the courts of heaven, about how God tests us and the faith of his servant Job yet I still had a strong feeling to dog deeper.

Hebrew Bible

This is part of Ketuvim which is writings in the Tanakh. The book of Job was actually the first poetic book.

Definition of Poetic = Having an imaginative or sensitively emotional style of expression or witting in verse rather than prose.

Prose = System is natural flow of speech

Now there are 3 types of poetry in the Hebrew bible.

  1. Lyrical - Expression of own feelings

  2. Gnomic - Form of desire communicating knowledge to others

  3. Dramatic - Develops of waking of passions

Ketuvim (the writings) are believed to have been written under DIVINE INSPIRATION with one level less of authority of a prophet.

The 3 books - Psalms, Proverbs & Job are collectively known as "Sifrei Emet and documents of truth". Sifrei means scrolls of the law and Emet means firmly set in place.


So looking at the scripture now I know that it actually doesn't matter how we know what God and the devil said or where did it come from? I know that this IS divine truth! It must have come from God because I know who God is, I know what he has done for me, I know where and how he intervenes in my own personal life and others lives. I know where he has helped me to grow, let me make mistakes and also shown me mercy and grace in situations, I know he has healed me from incurable diseases so why wouldn't he have shown or told someone this?

The answer is I believe he did! The Hebrew bible says that these are documents of truth, firmly set in place, we know the courts of heaven is real and we know Job tells us and shows us how God and Satan work through it so we can understand our position. A position of VICTORY and that we have a hedge of protection around us but only when we follow God 100%.

Poetry can also be open for interpretation. Poems are complex, multilayered, limitless, infinite and present us with a glimpse of Divine. This is why we can read the word of God over and over and get different revelations from the word. This also depends where you are with your relationship with God. Many times I have read the same scriptures at different times of my life but God speaks to me in different ways through it. They have different meanings but he always showed me the foundation of the scripture first and then built on top of it as my jounrney with him became stronger and more intimate.

Truth In Hebrew means REALITY. We are able to read, see and know divine reality. It is TRUE, God is showing us plainly but the more we go in with our relationship with God the deeper the layers come and start to peel.

I remember God showed me an onion ages ago (it always makes me laugh even now) but like an onion as the layers come off like us we go deeper and deeper and there are so many layers in to the onion just like the word of God.

This passage is not to put the focus on Satan and what he is doing it is to focus on the TURTH the DIVINE TRUTH of GOD!

In poetry there is a structure and within Job there is a use parallel stich - this is matching structure of lines with a couplet. A couplet is normal rhyming or the same length. If you think about parallel lines they are normally the same width apart and the same length.

Definition of Parallel = Side by side (lines) occurring or existing at the same time or in a similar way corresponding.

We are that parallel with God, we are existing at the same time with him, we are corresponding with him but are we doing it in a similar way? Is God showing us, telling us things but we aren't listening? Is he asking us to trust him but we choose to put our trust in someone else instead? Are we putting our time into something or someone else?

Ask yourself.....are you parallel to God or are you a squiggle? Think about what kind of line you would draw right now to show that you are parallel with God, would it be straight or curvy? Is it where you should be? If not what can YOU do to change it? God does not change He said "I AM WHO I AM" Exodus 3:14. But who are we?

Reflection regularly is a positive thing, we can be quick to judge, quick to be envious of others but what are WE doing? US? You and I as individuals to take the time to be existing with God in the right way? Are we just listening to what God is saying and then dismissing it or are we listening to God and then taking action?

If God is ready why aren't we?


I was so excited in Lockdown, this may come to a shock for most of you but I was not fearful, I knew something was going to happen and I would be able to spend time with my family (which was a rarity with work and life) I had the opportunity to be in Gods presence all day and spend time with family, laughing, cooking, being with God continually, reading the word. God showed me that even though I was doing more he wants 100% first. So I took notice of God, listened and started to change my habits. My worldly ways of I should watch this or I should do this, or watch the news or live in fear or go stock up etc started to crumble under the authority of God as I read my bible more and i prayed more and I started to serve in my family home. I made dinner and looked after them, I watched very little news, I started to look after myself and exercise more, spend more time outside in the garden and put all my trust and focus in God. We need to continually stop being in the worlds way of thinking, speaking, acting mans worldly desires, wants and needs.

Definition of Divine = of or like God, very pleasing and delightful, the providence of God.

Hebrew = Elohim - spirit being

Definition of Truth = Which is accordance to fact or reality

So we need to live in the pleasing and delightful way like God, this is as a spiritual being with accordance to Gods reality.


So the questions at the start have now been answered.

  • It is part of the Hebrew Bible, this is divine truth and books of truth that have been written

  • Possibly written by Moses

  • It does not matter if it was God or angel who told them. God may/may not have shown or told them in a way we think of today but because we know who our God is we know that this is truth.

  • This is truth according to the God the father, the son and Holy Spirit.

As God shows us things through visions, scriptures etc. I believe in my heart that whoever wrote the book of Job God would have shown them too, this would be in order for them to be able to communicate the knowledge of God to others through the form of Gnomic poetry for Gods desires to be fulfilled across the land.


If you have any thoughts or comments let me know, I love hearing what God tells us or shows us in scripture and go away and read it for yourself, go spend some time with God and see what he tells or shows you personally.

Thanks for studying with me today.

Blessings xxx

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