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Setting the Tone

I was in devotion this morning and thanking God for all that he has done in this past week. When I looked back the changes were so significant and tangible and I just want more of you Lord.

Last week I was listening to a friend speak about God and share a word that was profound about how God needs to undo us all and our hearts needs to be aligned with God, showing others no judgement or condemnation. With that in mind the presence of the Lord was so strong you could feel it in the room. God is so funny because for the last couple of weeks I have had in my heart for this friend to pray for me and last week I had the boldness and courage to ask before this word was shared. Now those who know me will know I help others but sometimes find it difficult to ask for help for myself. I felt a sense of relief after I had asked and when this word was shared it was like God was speaking to me directly about all the things I had been praying for.

God started to move and I felt led that it was time for me to be prayed for. I was so moved that I could not hold any tears back and a new fresh anointing was flowing over me. I sat back to my seat, tears rolling down my cheeks and as I worshiped the Lord on my knees I felt so much peace again, like everything that was not of God just melted away.

Now a few days later I was at home cooking breakfast, it was as though everything had changed in my heart. It was a typical Saturday for us, full English on the go, home is a mess, pots and pans to wash and somehow there was no rushing or panicking that everything was untidy, that I needed to get everything washed and done and put away so I could rest, I was just smiling, looking out the window preparing food for the family. My family noticed I was happier, things seemed brighter, colours were brighter again, the trees, the birds chirping, the sky, it was like I was seeing for the first time again when I got saved. Happiness was pouring out of me and it was spreading.

This past week relationships have blossomed, no fighting over silly little things at home because something hasn't been done the way I think it should have been done, or because the home isn't as tidy as I think it should be. I feel so joyful and content in my heart and I realised the way I had been acting had impacted my family and those around me.

Andrew Tate, a man who is controversial in this day and age for what he believes in, said something on a short video I watched a while ago and it has always stuck with me.


I hadn't realised that all these emotions and negative thoughts and whatever doors that were open before had led me to bitterness, sadness, resentment, unhappiness, loneliness, hurt, anger and a bunch of other things. But Jesus saved us when he died, all that sin that we have, God has GRACE to cover us. For we are not perfect and we cannot live up to perfection the only who did was Jesus., but through his sacrifice and death and his resurrection we have power and authority to live the way in which God intended, with Gods heart.

We need to see from Gods perspective. It is like the prodigal son, (Luke 15:11-32) when the son who was lost came home his father held a feast and threw his arms around him. That's what God does to us every time we leave him a little, he is so happy that we see him, that we want to know him, that we want to spend time with him more and more that he wraps us in his love and his essence of security and peace and joy. He has set a place at the table for us all we have to do is go and join him.

It is us who set the tone in our lives...are we the ones that are looking from Gods perspective to others? Do we see others as children of God or do we see them as people of the world? How do we see our family? Do we see them as holding us back, not doing things our way or are our selfish needs being put before theirs? Do we put others before us like Jesus did when he died on the cross?

The only way our hearts can change is by asking God to undo us. I know I want to be so undone in Gods love and mercy and grace that others can see God through me but do you?


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