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What is Bible Study?

This may seem like a very simple question but I know a lot of people can struggle with what this actually means. So lets go....

Studying the bible for me means spending time with God, to intentionally look at particular scripture and exploring what it means. When we read the bible we may get things that we feel really stands out or speaks to us and we want to know more....this is the start of studying the bible. God will prompt us in times to look at particular things.

I like to look at where things have originated from and what are the roots, sometimes I get a lot of questions and I ask God to help me understand it and he will show me what to look for and find out definitions of words and their meanings. I also like to look at different translations of the bible, my main bible I read from is the Amplified (I find this more easy to understand) but then I will read it in the KJV and then the Hebrew and sometimes the ESV translation.

There is no right or wrong way to study the word of God, set some time aside and read and then focus on that scripture that stands out to you. Before you start to read always pray to God that he will help you understand and guide you when reading and anything else you feel lead to pray.

God is always with you and will help you, also if you can spend some time with others and discuss the thoughts you have too. This can be challenging and fun and God really helps you explore what the scriptures are saying.

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