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Generational Curses

Updated: May 25, 2023

What are they and where do they come from?

This might seem like an unknown concept but once you can get your head around it all it becomes so simple and clear, you'll think WOW how did I not know this!? Well I did anyway.....

Firstly we must understand the meaning of the words:

Generation = comes from the Latin word Genus, which mean stock or race

Curse = intended supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something

In Genesis 3 we see Adam and Eve ate from the tree of good and evil, they sinned against God and cut themselves off from him and any future generations of the human race.

"Otherwise you shall die". This does not mean a physical death but a spiritual one. They will be cut off from God not be able to hear or see him like they did before. We are created in Gods image not the physical body we have now as at that time Adam and Eve would have been covered in Gods splendor. We see this in the next verse "They became naked and afraid and hid from God". Before they ate from the tree they did not know they were naked as they had a covering from God.

So the action of them eating the fruit had a consequence (we know this because God is a judge, for he is just and fair). Because they are cut off from God we are spiritually born into sin. A generational curse is passed down from the beginning, this started with Adam and Eve and passes through to each generation up until the present day. Generational curses have to be broken all the way back to Adam as Adam was the first but when we come to Christ we are reborn and made a new creation through Jesus.

This can happen at different stages of our lives through deliverance and prayer but God can also do this in layers, as some of our roots are deep within our generations and there can be a lot to deal with.

We must remember that no matter what all things are POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST!

So the meaning of generational curses is intended supernatural punishment of the human race.

This was the consequence of Adam and Eve going against what God had advised them not to do.


Types of Generational Curses

These can come in many different forms, things that you may be involved with knowingly or unknowingly or feel drawn to because of a connection from your blood line. Generational curses stem all the way back to Adam this means that is imprinted in your DNA and things have to be dealt with spiritually in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Some of the types of curses are listed below:

Witchcraft & Speech

Life and death is in the power of the tongue, words can be spoken over the individuals or people in the families this includes things spoken into witchcraft such as spells, curses and rituals.

Sacrifices & Occult

Blood sacrifices can be made, this is where the blood of an animal or humans are shed and given to the false Gods for the Devil to use as collateral in exchange for something. The occult includes the use of supernatural powers not in the way God intended.

Religion & Freemasonry

False religion such as worshiping other Gods is seen as false Idols in the bible, Jesus said you should love thy God with all thy heart. Religion can be all kinds of things, from Sikhism to Hinduism to Buddhism to Freemasonry, they are just a few to be named. But do not be deceived for the enemy wants us to believe that these are true. Most religions will refer to you saving yourself, following Jesus tells us that God sent his son to save us.


Communicating with the dead or predicting the future. This can come in many forms such as Tarot Cards, psychics, mediums, crystals, crystal balls, spirit guides and others. You are not talking to your loved one and no one can actually predict the future only God. When these people tell you stories etc its because there are demonic spirits that roam the earth that are already attached to you by assignment and they tell the people what to say. When people predict the future and then it happens the reason it happens is because when we speak there is power behind it spiritually so when the words are out in the atmosphere they are spoken forth.

Coming into Agreement

When we accept these things or take part in them we are coming into agreement and we are actually forming a contract spiritually. What then happens in the Kingdom of Heaven is that it provides a record of the events and the devil can actually use it against you.

This is why it is important to repent and ask God for forgiveness so these things can be dealt with thoroughly. When we repent we repent on behalf of ourselves and our ancestors all the way back to Adam and ask God to cleanse our bloodline. This means that the devil does not have any power against us. For it says in Hebrews 9 about the power of the blood of Jesus.

What we do

  1. We acknowledge our part knowingly or unknowingly

  2. Confess on behalf of ourselves and our ancestors

  3. Thank God for our forgiveness

  4. Cleanse our bloodline all the way back to Adam with Jesus blood

We must submit to God of our own freewill and come before him. If we are a new creation we repent, we change our way of thinking and turn from the old ways in which we think and lived and start thinking and living and acting like Christ but in order to do this we need to deal with these things first to continue the path with Christ.

Spend some time with God and pray into this and ask God to reveal to you if there are any things in your bloodline or generation you need to deal. Allow Holy Spirit to guide you and show you and then repent and cleanse your bloodline.


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