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Peeling Back the Layers

Isn't it funny how God talks to us?

I was cooking the other night and as I was chopping an onion I peeled back the outer layer (the skin) and underneath I could see that some layers had marks on. I could tell that these were the kind of layers I didn't really fancy eating so I peeled them off, and got to a layer that I deemed good enough to eat.

As I started to chop away God spoke to me.

"This is how I see my children, the outer layer is just a skin (the flesh) but the inside is what counts, I am peeling back the layers that have been blemished and refining the new layers that will come forth".

Now, what this means is that God knows we have many layers inside of us, and when we walk with God there are layers that no longer serve us any purpose. What God does is remove all the layers of lies and experiences that are not true to HIS word and he helps us develop the good layers. The good layers are HIS truths, his love, his confidence, his boldness and courage, his intimacy, his purpose, the fruits of the spirit and many more.

Galatians 5:22-23

When we go through something its so easy to say woe is me and look at what I am having to deal with God but do we stop and thank God that he has us regardless what situation we are in? Do we sing and praise his name for it is the name above every other name? Dow we got to him and seek him for advice in the situation or do we do it our own way?

God is making a way and is peeling back all your layers.

What circumstances are you facing today that are too much? Do you think this could be a situation that God is helping you to turn away from or peeling back those layers so you can walk in true freedom?

God LOVES you that he sent his only son to die for you, he paid the ultimate price so you could have a personal relationship with the Father. Jesus rose again 3 days later and he lives in us for we are his dwelling place. Seek his face and he will answer you.

God Bless you.


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