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Walking in Freedom

Updated: May 23, 2023

There is nothing better than feeling free in the presence and power of God. We all want to do this but we don't know how. Sometimes we think we can say a prayer ask God to come into our hearts and that's it, we can walk freely in Christ but I am here to tell you it doesn't work like that.

Truly walking in freedom is making sure we have cleared out all the rubbish, this means all generational things that have been passed down into our bloodlines by our ancestors has been dealt with. So what does this mean? Jesus said come to him and repent, when we repent our sins (things we have done knowingly or unknowingly) to God, God will give us his grace and mercy because of Jesus's sacrifice. Doing so means dealing with all things that are not of Christ and bringing them to the surface for God to deal with. There are many things God may show you in visions, dreams or prayers and when we deal with these things they then have no hold on us.

There are many things that cause us to stumble but what we need to understand that this is not physically it is spiritually. As we are spiritual images created in Gods image everything in the spirit realm needs to be dealt with, this can happen in the courts of heaven (if you don't know about the courts of heaven please see my other Blogs Encountering The Courts).

We will not be able to live or walk in freedom if we live.....

  • Seeking false guidance

  • Believe lies

  • Fail to forgive

  • Live in rebellion

  • Respond in pride

  • Fail to acknowledge our sin

  • Continue in our ancestors sins

What you need to know is the TRUTH about God, Jesus and allow Holy Spirit to reveal things to you and take note of what is happening. Pray into these things and be in Gods presence. Seek help from others and compare this to the word of God. When we do this God transforms us from the inside, there is a change that happens to your heart and you cannot go back. Everything seems different, you look at things so differently, with love and compassion, its from Gods perspective and your heart truly belongs to him. It is so soft and pure but so caring and strong and ready to fight. There is a peace in yourself that you cannot explain you know God has got you regardless of anything that comes your way he is there and he will never leave you.


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